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Every day, everywhere, thousands of electrical products come in handy. From household appliances to industrial production machinery, we depend upon electricity to support the life we enjoy and make it more fantastic.

It takes a lot more than an outlet on the wall to bring the power of electricity into our lives,and what’s more other devices in usage is to combine conduits and fittings, boxes and connectors,and something accessories applied in construction. From the range of BS Conduit and Fittings to EMT Conduit and Fittings, from the series of GI Boxes to Flexible Conduit,from the kind of Strut Channel to other Electrical Accessories,our comprehensive supply chain is continuously improving for being perfect.

Sometimes when you are alone and being calm down,Take a look around. Turn back the walls of these buildings, look inside the electrical appliances that fill your home or workplace or mansions and department stores besides the road, you’ll discover hundreds of electrical products help connect and transmit electricity for daily use.

You should keep in mind that we are Hangzhou Prostar Enterprises Ltd. located in Hangzhou which is possessed of the well-known “West Lake”,we promise we will make your life more perfect.